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Cameras we repair.

Please don't let my ads in this free web site scare you away. Also please don't let my hotmail e-mail scare you away. If you have gut feeling that I can repair cameras, please try me. I repair exclusively for Genes Cameras. He is probably the biggest used camera show dealer in S.E. area. Not only that, I used to repair Konica Autoreflexes and Praktica MTL to a famous Yashica repair specialist here in Georgia. I do not farm out my cameras to other repair shops. If I can not repair, I don't accept repairs. I do not accept walk in customers.

Here are the lists of cameras I repair:

Konica. Auto S-2, C-35, Autoreflex Half/Full, T, T2, T3, TC, T4, C-35, other old cameras from 60 to 70's. I repaired about four half/full Autoreflex recently for a customer. Take a look at this Konica Auto S-2. This was repaired by me and the customer applied exotic covers. Please check his web site.

Practica MTL.

Minolta SRT series. I have repaired a lot of them for Gene's Cameras and other customers.

Nikkormat FTn and FT2.

Pentax K-1000 and Spotmatics.

Canon FTb, Canonnets.

Olympus OM-1, OM-10. Not my speciality but I work on them depends on location. Olympus EE's.

Japanese TLR cameras.(shutter overhaul on Copal SV possible)

Some lenses.

Japanese 35mm range finder with leaf shutters from 60 to 70's.

Retica IIIc if I can find the rack.

The repair price is usually $68 and return shipping if no parts are needed.

Standard lens cleaning(not including f1.4 or f1.2) New Service

$25 and return shipping.

Please write to ifixucamera at Please replace at with @

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